Who We Are


We are a mother and son team who decided to create a fun, non-toxic makeup line that embraces a multicultural clientele. Although there are several natural makeup lines on the market, few reflect the diverse beauty of women of all nationalities. We wanted to create a healthy makeup line with vivid colors that any woman could wear.


Since early childhood, Alex has always known that he would own his own business.

While pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, he worked towards his marketing degree and travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and Central America. While in Central America, he launched a highly successful event production business, coordinating musical, cultural and art festivals.


Attuned to current concerns of climate change, sustainability and the escalating interest in holistic lifestyles, Alex has combined his knowledge of hospitality with his ability to bring people together to create a cosmetic line that addresses the needs of health conscious women.


Marcelle is a New York City based Makeup Artist and natural beauty expert.  Her creations for her clients are timeless and memorable, subtly highlighting the grace and beauty inherent in every woman.


Moving from London to New York City, she worked with the legendary Ross Burton and mastered the art of beauty basics, giving her a solid foundation for her creativity.  For the past 13 years she has used her considerable talent to enhance the natural beauty of Renee Zellweger, Sigourney Weaver, Jada Pinkett Smith, Denise Richards and a varied international clientele.


The limited color range of most of the natural lines led her, in partnership with her son Alex, to create Beautiful Birdie Cosmetics.




What We Believe


We believe that natural beauty may be achieved without the use of harmful chemicals and additives, and that natural products, infused with organic ingredients,  are far more effective that toxic ones.


We believe that makeup application, with a vivid color palette, should be a fun and creative means of enhancing a woman’s innate beauty.


We believe that creating beauty products should be both kind and cruelty free, and achieved without harming the environment or the animal kingdom.